You had a beautiful life.

Family who loves you. Family who need you. Deep and meaningful friendships. Hobbies you enjoyed and perhaps a job you felt passionate about. In one conversation, the life you knew

It changed forever.

There was likely shock when you or your loved one received the diagnosis. Maybe this was followed by a period of wanting to tick all the boxes; tackling your illness like a project that would turn out fine, as long as you planned it well. But…

You never felt the same again.

Most days, you have trouble recognizing yourself. You used to be reliable and independent, but now you can’t make plans in advance because one day to the next you don’t know how much energy you’ll have or how much pain you’ll be in. When you do go somewhere you can’t show up the way you used to. You need to ask for help. Some days your brain is foggy, you’re more irritable, your pain gets in the way. You find it hard to believe that life seems to be going forward for everyone else while

Your life feels stalled. 

You might be someone living with the sudden loss of a loved one. You may have gotten a new diagnosis or be feeling stuck living with a chronic illness. You might be someone living with a more ambiguous loss. Or you may be trying to support someone you love through a difficult illness or loss. Whatever is happening

You don’t have to go through it alone

I’m Erin, a Spiritual Care Practitioner (a.k.a. Chaplain) who specializes in supporting people with major disease and chronic illness grapple with dying while living their lives to the fullest. I also help caregivers care for themselves while remaining supportive to those they care for, as well as their family and friends. Reach out to find out more about how we can support you.

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Growing up in a suburb of Montreal, meant living with the rich cultures of both French and English communities. Here we are not only for speaking two languages, but often combining both French and English in the same sentence. The


Erin LeBrun, M.A., CSCP    ABOUT ME I take a holistic approach to supportive care that places my clients own innate wisdom at its core. In my over 10 years of experience in working in public hospitals as a spiritual


Fees for services: A 50 minute individual session is $170. An 80 minute individual session is $255. Please contact us for clinical consultation and supervision rates. *Fees are expected to be paid in full at each session. The fee is